Try two creativity-boosting activities:

2-Handed Drawing and Frozen Treasures

Supply List

⭐️ Paper

⭐️ 2 pencils or crayons

⭐️ ice cube tray or containers to freeze water in

⭐️ small toys, rocks, or flowers to freeze

⭐️ tub or large container

⭐️ warm water

⭐️ salt

⭐️ tools: hammer, spray bottle, wooden spoon, medicine dropper (for example)

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2-Handed Drawing | A Creativity Exercise  

Using the non-dominant hand has been shown to improve creativity and intuition. Try making a drawing with one pencil or crayon in each hand. 


  • Paper
  • Two pencils, markers, or crayons


Tape a large sheet of paper to a table to it won't wiggle. Set up two crayons and invite your child to draw with one crayon in each hand.

Extend it!

Start with both crayons in the middle of the paper. As you draw, try to mirror your lines so they are the same, but opposite. Follow your child's lead: what new ideas does this spark for them? 


This prompt can benefit from an adult modeling the process of drawing with both hands at the same time. 

Frozen Treasures | An Imagination Booster

Dive into sensory play, story telling, and exploration with ice and warm water.


  • Ice cube tray or containers to freeze water in 

  • Small toys, rocks, or flowers

  • Tub or large container

  • Warm water

  • Salt

  • Tools: hammer, spray bottle, wooden spoon, medicine dropper (for example)


Freeze toys, rocks, or flowers in containers or ice cube tray. Add food coloring (optional).


Remove frozen treasures from the tray and place them in a tub, along with warm water, tools, and salt. Invite your child to play.

Extend it!

  • Make rainbow ice: fill the bottom of the bowl with red and freeze. Then add another layer of yellow and freeze. Do the same with green and blue.


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