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For over a decade, TinkerLab's creativity-fueling prompts have helped thousands of families connect through making.

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How It works

Schoolhouse is a weekly plan of simple art and science activities.

1. Join

Just takes a moment to sign up, and you'll get access to four weeks of art and science activities.

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There are 20+ activities to choose from each month. Supply lists, printables, and video are included.

3. Create

Experiment, play, invent, explore, and watch the creative magic unfold.


What's inside?

TinkerLab Schoolhouse is a weekly plan of art and science activities that are fun for kids and simple for you. 

5 new lessons each week, with short videos and printable PDF's to save for a later date.

Resources to support your maker adventure with your child.

A secure, private online community to cheer you on.

The TinkerLab Journey to help develop a creative habit .

What our members say...

"My family and I love TinkerLab Schoolhouse. The projects are perfect for engaging and inspiring our kids. We’ve loved making playdough, painting stuffed animals, and creating frozen worlds. This is a wonderful creators’ space, with fantastic ideas, warm encouragement, and inspiring playlists. TinkerLab Schoolhouse has helped our kids stay positive through lockdown."

Jill W.

"Not only do we have long-lasting beautiful artwork, we also have deeper connection and memories. Join Schoolhouse: you can participate as little/much as you like, or you can access the materials in a linear or non-linear way. It's like an incredible choose-your-own-learning adventure that is thoughtfully prepared and embedded in learning theory that makes it both accessible and meaningful."

Stephanie K.

Curiosity, discovery, & confidence

When children take creative risks, they grow and learn through play. 

Children experience that mistakes are okay and often lead to fresh ideas.

Learning is purposeful and children grow using limited and/or basic materials, encouraging invention and imagination. 

Children are engaged because they get to follow their interests and curiosities.

Curiosity and wonder are sparked with open-ended projects.

If it suits them, families are creating together with their child which deepens connection and strengthens relationships.

The time commitment is low but, if you have extra time, there's room to extend projects for hours.

In TinkerLab, your child will:

  • test, play, and explore.

  • follow curiosities, questions, and interests.

  • experiment with materials and ideas.

  • adapt as they make discoveries and find new solutions.

  • invent new ways to solve challenges.

Step inside...

If you're wondering what it feels like inside the member's area, come on in and look around.


What our members say...

"Your strategies have helped our relationship, and art is now a nice way to connect with my child."

"I'm amazed at how quickly my son became interested in representational drawing."


"Thanks to TinkerLab, now we have a maker space and a great toolbox where we can easily find supplies."

What's included?

New activities each week...

...to inspire your child and save you time.

  • Five creativity-boosting activities each week! 
  • Activity sheets that you can print or view online.
  • Bonus: Daily Art Challenge.

"The materials list and flexible planners are an invaluable key to our success. I have four children and sometimes we can’t stick to our planned schedule: we have to take advantage of opportunities as they arise." -Schoolhouse member

Secure, private community...

...to connect with other families from around the world.

  • Private Facebook group where you can join other parents and educators.

"The community you have built is a warm, welcoming, and caring one. I love it!”  -Schoolhouse member.

The TinkerLab Journey...

...to set you up for creative success.

  • Set up a tinkering space. 
  • Learn about process-focussed art.
  • Understand your child's artistic developmental growth.
  • Establish a creative habit.
  • Bonus prompts, including the Daily Art Challenge, for an additional dose of inspiration each day.

"We finally set up my dream space. Now I can use the kitchen island to cook or work while my children use our table and art cupboard for making. I am really pleased to make their space for self-serve." - Schoolhouse member.

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Weekly art + science lessons

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4-stage TinkerLab Journey 


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Full Access

Weekly art + science lessons

Private Facebook community

4-stage TinkerLab Journey 

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Full Access

Weekly art + science lessons

Private Facebook community

4-stage TinkerLab Journey 

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"Schoolhouse is fantastic...I believe that Rachelle is so committed to providing an environment that provides many opportunities for others to learn and grow. She's open and supportive and really cares about her mission."โ€‹ 

"Such a deal in terms of cost...for rich and varied resources presented in an approachable manner."

Go beyond coloring pages and watch your child's creativity soar.

We'll do the heavy lifting so you can be a tinkering superstar.