Unleash your child’s creativity with open-ended, hands-on projects that are easy for you and fun for your child.


Creative Experiments for Little Makers

With TinkerLab's unique child-centered approach, you'll learn how to set up developmentally appropriate projects that engage children's minds and hearts.

You'll get all the tools you need to support creativity, even if...

You're overwhelmed. |  You don't feel creative.  |  You're out of fresh ideas.

Would you like to....

  • Feel more organized?
  • Be ready to go with creative activities?
  • Stop searching the internet for meaningful (and easy) projects?
  • Set up a functional and inspiring maker space?
  • Have fun leading your child toward self-expression, problem solving, and creativity?
  • Watch your child paint, draw, make, and build with confidence and independence?
  • Build a creativity habit that brings your child back to the art table over and over again?

TINKERLAB SCHOOLHOUSE is a monthly plan of easy ART & STEAM projects designed to:

  • Save you time.
  • Turn basic materials into creative magic.
  • Inspire you with fresh ideas.
  • Offer simple guidelines that get you started with making.

How it works...

Follow our Process

Explore our lessons and choose from engaging kid-tested prompts to implement with ease. 

Choose a prompt

Select a project that matches your interests. Watch short video and/or view activity sheets.


Set up prompts, encourage your child to experiment, and watch the magic unfold.


What you’ll experience inside TinkerLab Schoolhouse

  • Light and easy four-stage creativity journey to help you move from overwhelm to creative Superhero.
  • Simple projects that are easy for you and fun for your child.
  • All content is delivered online, in a format that you can view on your phone, desktop, or download for a non-digital experience.


TinkerLab Schoolhouse is a groundbreaking preschool creativity program that offers developmentally appropriate projects you can put to work right away AND teaches you how to set up hands-on creativity with joy and ease.

4-Stage Journey

The TinkerLab journey will guide you from overwhelm to superstar creative. We'll give you the tools to set up a maker space, organize supplies, understand process art and creative development, and set up invitations to create.


Enjoy creativity-boosting projects that are designed with your time and child's developmental stage in mind.  Easy to set up projects cover a range of creative disciplines, all delivered through video and printable lessons.


Have a plan:

with a calendar of prompts


"The materials list and planners are key to that success, which is invaluable because I have four children and sometimes we can’t stick to our planned schedule: we have to take advantage of opportunities as they arise." -Schoolhouse member

  • Monthly and weekly activity calendars
  • Simple supply lists 
  • Sync the calendar online


Feel empowered:

with creative ideas curated for you

 "I enjoy the video demonstrations and printable calendar/supply list - makes it easy to plan ahead." - Schoolhouse member

  • Detailed project sheets that you can print and use any time.
  • Fun, short-format videos that you can watch with your child. 
  • Creative hands-on activities that promote creative thinking.


Get encouragement:

from a community of creative families and educators


"“It is an international program. I like how everyone works on the same projects at the same time (roughly), and the community can share results from the projects completed.”  -Schoolhouse member

  • Optional weekly Zoom calls 
  • Dedicated private Facebook group where you'll join other parents and educators who care about fostering creative growth in children.


We can't wait to meet you inside Schoolhouse!

Setting the stage for our children’s creativity, curiosity, and imagination literally changed our lives. During their preschool years, we experienced what it feels like to go from being overwhelmed parents to gaining confidence as makers and creative guides to our children. We developed Schoolhouse to simplify this process for you, and share how you can harness simple tools to unleash artistic and tinkering magic in your home, too.

If you’re a parent, grandparent, or educator who wants to connect with your child through art and creative projects, try Schoolhouse risk-free, and see how it can transform your days.

We look forward to seeing you inside.


Rachelle & Scott Doorley

Authors of TinkerLab: A Hands-on Guide for Little Inventors and MakeSpace

Founder of TinkerLab & Creative Director at Stanford’s d.School


What members say about Schoolhouse...

"Simple and easy to follow instructions, organized well, and beautiful results. I'm happy and so are my kids."

"Schoolhouse is fantastic!

I believe that Rachelle is so committed to providing an environment that provides many opportunities for others to learn and grow. She's open and supportive and really cares about her mission."‚Äč


"Such a deal of cost for resources of rich, varied, and approachable manner."


Schoolhouse enrollment is currently closed. We're working with our founding members to create an amazing early childhood creativity program.

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