Art Lessons for Every Season

36 engaging lessons that bring more art and creativity to your students, while saving you time.


You're committed to teaching art, but right now you find yourself... 


Challenged to come up with weekly activities that focus on the process more than product.

Exhausted by the difficulty of finding multi-age or multi-skill projects that engage ALL your students

Overwhelmed by all the time lost to overthinking lessons and remembering to keep things simple! 

Frustrated with short art blocks that make it challenging to do anything meaningful with your students.

Disappointed by how difficult it is to get buy-in from admin or families for your art program.

The good news is you're not alone

My mission is to help you make this an incredible school year filled with fun art projects and creativity. While teaching can sometimes feel like a lonely road, having mentors and tried-and-true resources can make our work so much easier. 

Imagine you could...

Have Creative Confidence

With your weekly plan of fun and engaging art lessons that your students enjoy and you feel confident teaching.

Feel Prepared

With clear prep lists, you're ready for each lesson weeks ahead. And you can effectively communicate art objectives to students and families.

Deliver Weekly Art Lessons

You're organized because each week is planned and connects organically to the school year.


Art Around the Year

The seasonal art program for K-3 classroom teachers, preschool educators, and homeschoolers who want a regular routine of creative experiences for their students...with ease.

Yes, I Want This!

You will be able to...

Run a Seasonal Art Program that's creative, organized, & fun.

Feel ready with the help of monthly supply lists. Each month you'll download a list of basic and specialty supplies. Take an afternoon to gather everything you'll need for four engaging art projects.

Inspire your students with seasonal activities that connect to the changing weather or holidays. Each month comes with a snapshot of major (and playful) holidays, seasonal transitions, and cultural events to tie into your curriculum.

Keep it simple with one easy art lesson to try each week. Many lessons offer room and ideas for extensions into further discovery.

Feel capable and creative with the help of clear photos and instructions that take the guesswork out of teaching art.

Embrace process over product with open-ended projects that put the maker in the driver's seat. Your students will feel empowered to invent and imagine their way through art.

Diversify your art curriculum with a range of projects that explore painting, collage, drawing, building, printmaking, and STEAM.

Hi there! I'm Rachelle.


Some folks wonder, so I'll start by sharing my name is pronounced Raquel! I'm the founder of TinkerLab, a former classroom art teacher based California, author of creativity books for kids, and mother of two.

My Art Making Journey began in preschool and continued into graduate school with the encouragement of teachers who believed in art as a form of creativity and expression.

I adopted a curiosity-driven methodology and mindset for Art Making that informs my art practice and forever changed my teaching practice.

In Art Around the Year, I'm excited to share some of my favorite seasonal art and STEAM explorations with YOU.

Let's look at what's inside AATY:

Connect art with cultural events like Lunar New Year, fun holidays like the 100th Day of School, and seasonal moments such as changing autumn leaves. Click here to take the tour.

Plus, you'll get these Bonuses

Advocacy & Support Letters

Three editable letters for: (1) Administration: explaining your choice of Art Around the Year (2) Parents: explaining the benefits of a Process Art curriculum (3) Classroom Helpers: explaining how to engage with children during art block

Bonus Activities

3 getting to know you bonus activities to warm kids up. Use these at the beginning of year or any time throughout the year.

End of Year Activities

3 end of year activities that build on skills developed throughout the year: collaboration, creative thinking, and a fun project that uses up all the art scraps you've saved.

Yes, I Want This!

Here's Why You'll Love Art Around The  Year

Balance of Projects

A balanced mix of materials and projects, so students will get to practice a wide range of art skills, including paper folding, working in 3D, composition, painting, and collage.

Connection to Nature

Art projects that directly connect to nature, helping to bring nature into the classroom and deepen students’ understanding of natural phenomena.

Cultural Connections

Connections  to a variety of cultural celebrations, providing culturally responsive learning opportunities.

Focus on Process

A process based focus, which alleviates the stress of needing to create something “perfect” or identical to the example project.

This Is For Teachers who: 

  • Have students between 4 and 8 years old
  • Will benefit from weekly art projects
  • Want a diverse art curriculum that covers drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, cultural activities, nature activities, and STEAM
  • Value Process Art and following children's curiosities

This Is NOT For Teachers who: 

  • Want an art curriculum that focusses on just drawing or painting
  • Don't have a need for a year-long art program 
  • Are interested in guided lessons where art all looks the same
  • Value prescriptive art lessons that encourage children to follow specific steps

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Yes, I Want This!

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Art Around The Year


Included in this bundle:

  • 36 Art and STEAM lessons, one for each week of the school year
  • Downloadable PDFs for each project, giving you a solid path forward while saving you time
  • A diverse and balanced curriculum that includes drawing, painting, printmaking, building, collage, and STEAM
  • Cultural, seasonal, and nature-based connections
  • Process-forward activities that celebrate creativity and risk-taking
  • Bonus: Editable support and advocacy letters to share with administration, parents, and classroom helpers 
  • Bonus: 6 extra activities for sub days, classroom parties, or end of year
  • With bonuses, a total of 42 projects