About us...


As new parents, we wanted our children to be curious explorers and makers who are eager to play and learn and be artistic.

In a search for inspiration we found plenty of done-for-you options like coloring books and step-by-step projects, but these didn't offer room for children to think independently or develop a creative mindset.

We knew there were better ways to fill long days, while also inspiring creativity, curiosity, and confidence.

We put our art and design education minds to work and founded TinkerLab in 2010 to help families connect with their children through open-ended art and science prompts that help kids think critically and imaginatively.  

After helping thousands of families through our online lessons, books, and classes, we created Schoolhouse as a one-stop destination to help you develop a creative habit with engaging art and science prompts that save you time.

With the help of Schoolhouse, your child will be creative and active, while making memories to last a lifetime.

Whether you're suddenly homeschooling or want to tap into the joy of connection through art and science activities, we invite you embark on a creative journey with us today.


Rachelle & Scott

Rachelle Doorley, Author of TinkerLab: A Hands-on Guide for Little Inventors and Art Startsfounder of TinkerLab

Scott Doorley, Author of MakeSpacefurniture, space & exhibit designer; Creative Director at the Stanford d.School

Go beyond coloring pages and watch your child's creativity soar.

We'll do the heavy lifting so you can be a tinkering superstar.