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Joyful Creativity at Home

Simple, open-ended projects that encourage creative thinking through process art, maker challenges, and daily art prompts, with a focus on basic materials.


March 2020

Dear fellow parents and educators,

We're so glad you found us! Schoolhouse is a new program we're developing through TinkerLab®. It's been in the works for a few years, patiently simmering on the back burner while we've been working, parenting, writing books and serving as Resident Fellows at Stanford.

If there's ever a time to launch this program it's now, so we're releasing it to the world - flaws and all - and making it free for 45 days. It's not fully fleshed out, but we're releasing the beta program now because we believe it can help a lot of people looking for educational and fun ways to inspire creativity at home. We're surrounded by so many generous and compassionate people who are tirelessly helping others in this dark time, and realize this is one of the best ways we can be of service.

If you're looking for a bright path to art, creativity, and joyful family time, TinkerLab Schoolhouse is here to help you on that journey.

Schoolhouse is a work in progress, and we encourage your feedback in order to make this a welcoming and useful place to spend some time.


Rachelle and Scott Doorley

Stanford, CA

What you’ll experience in the TinkerLab  Schoolhouse

Think of this brand new program as a magazine, loaded with fun creativity-boosting activities for the whole family. You'll find process-based art projects, daily art prompts, drawing instruction, a variety of media to experiment with, and general creativity inspiration.

Schoolhouse is your meal plan for creativity! 

The child-tested projects are designed to foster creative thinking skills, bring joy to your home, and minimize prep work for you!

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Basic Supplies

We polled our audience and know a lot of people don't have access to fancy supplies, so most projects focus on the basics.

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Minimal Prep

We're parents and know full well how important it is to keep things simple. The projects take minutes to set up.

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Maximum Fun

Our child-tested projects focus on fun, while supporting imagination and creative thinking skills. 

What's inside:

  • Light and easy art and creativity projects 
  • Daily art prompts
  • Monthly maker challenges
  • Private Members' Facebook Group
  • Tips to help you say YES to art making at home
  • Access to our growing vault of homemade art supply recipes, kid-friendly playlists, planner sheets, and journal reflections.
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What parents say about TinkerLab programs:

Jen Koch parent

Jen Koch, parent

“This program has made me rethink how to approach art projects with my children. I now focus on the process and on enjoying the moments with my kids rather than the end result.  

It has made me more supportive of their art and all of us more free to create without fear.  

I really love Rachelle's approach and programs. Her joyful personality is so encouraging and uplifting. Thank you for focusing on art and helping to make it so accessible to super-busy parents everywhere!" 

Anna Vikse parent

Anna Vikse, parent

“If you have a kid who is constantly asking to do art, but is bored by your suggestions, if you have a kid who feels he or she isn't that great an artist, or if you have a kid who would benefit from more art in their life (and isn't that everyone?), I would highly recommend ArtStart.  

This program is good for artists or those naturally inclined to art because it shakes up what you're doing; you're not likely to be actively engaged in these types of projects often. But it's also good for people who aren't as comfortable with art; the prompts are open ended, and they don't necessarily require any particular skill, giving you the opportunity to come up with just as fabulous a result as more artistically inclined folks. Also, some of these projects are just good sensory fun.

I love it, my kids love it, and you will too!"  

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